Range Rover Vogue Armored Security Vehicle: Your Best Protection

For the world’s elite business leaders and rulers, safety often comes at the cost of style. That’s why, in early 2007, Land Rover Special Vehicles (a division of the Land Rover brands) launched what some may consider a significant advance in the world of personal safety. The technology included in this vehicle is similar to that commonly found in presidential family vehicles or the SIS vehicles used to transport the royal family.

The Range Rover Vogue Security Vehicle is a fully armored Range Rover Vogue designed to protect occupants from a variety of lethal weaponry, including grenades, automatic machine guns such as the AK47 and Claymore mines. The vehicle can be equipped with four different levels of armor depending on the customer and perceived threat levels.

This amazing level of security found in armored Range Rover vehicles is facilitated by the use of next-generation technologies and components, including ballistic and blast-resistant steel, Kevlar, Spectra-shield and Dyneema fibres. These components are distributed throughout the car’s surface to protect it from direct attacks as well as vector-based weaponry. To protect against grenades and improvised explosive devices, the underside of the car has also been structurally reinforced. The vehicle’s glass is plasma cut and up to 40mm thick to neutralize most projectile-based attacks.

Should an attack be launched, the Range Rover Vogue security vehicle’s four-wheel drive chassis and off-road ground clearance allow for a convenient escape across any terrain and the structural integrity to traverse many fixed and static. The 3.5-ton vehicle also includes an internal oxygen system, reinforced fuel tank and battery, and flat-free tires.

In a world of high seas piracy, extremist groups, and evil lurking around every corner, both abroad and at home, it goes without saying that these technological innovations are not just a luxury, but an essential component in promoting security. and stability in turbulent times. When money is no longer an object and security is, take a closer look at the Range Rover Vogue armored security vehicle

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