Flowers in Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui (literally “wind-water”) seeks to harness positive energy and promote harmony in our homes and workplaces. Flowers are considered to be powerful enhancers, with their colourful and symbolic meanings influencing our emotions and encouraging certain energies to flow in a space. When chosen and placed thoughtfully according to feng shui principles, flowers can help attract good luck and bring about prosperity, health, love and success.

The art of feng shui is all about enhancing the flow of life-sustaining energies called chi. It focuses on harnessing this positive energy and directing it towards specific areas of your home, such as wealth, health or relationships. Flowers are considered to be one of the most important tools in the practice of feng shui as they are natural and vibrant symbols that can be a great way to balance the five elements of the practice. Flowers are also thought to enhance the surrounding environment and promote healing, making them a perfect choice for any living space.

When choosing a floral arrangements near me for your home, you must first consider the colours and symbolism of each flower. For example, red roses are often used to bring in the energy of passion and romance. Roses are also believed to stimulate the heart chakra and promote a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Similarly, gerbera daisies and lilies are believed to bring in positivity and creativity. Ideally, these types of flowering plants should be placed at the entrance of your home or in the living room.

The Role of Flowers in Feng Shui

You must also consider the type of container in which the flowers are arranged. The shape and size of the container can also influence how the flowers will interact with the surrounding space. For example, round flowers like ranunculus and peonies tend to emit a soft, soothing energy that can encourage feelings of peace and tranquillity. On the other hand, sharper-edged flowers such as birds of paradise can invigorate a space with active and energetic energy.

Once you’ve selected the right flower for your home, it’s time to decide how the flowers will be displayed. Remember that a key component of feng shui is to keep things tidy and clutter-free. This includes discarding wilted flowers and replacing them with new ones as soon as they start to droop. This helps to clear away negative energy and make space for the positive energy of fresh flowers and plants.

If you are unable to buy your favourite flower in store, you can choose to create your own feng shui floral arrangement by following our easy-to-follow tips. We recommend you to pair your blooms with a natural element, such as wood or water, and use a metal ornament to represent the energy of fire. Then, display your creation in a beautiful vase or basket to showcase your intention and promote balance and harmony throughout your home.