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One Legged Forex Arbitrage

Experienced Forex traders have probably noticed that there is occasionally a slight discrepancy between quotes for a given financial instrument displayed by different brokers. Aside from possible manipulation by brokers, this happens as a result of temporary delays in supplying quotes, quote smoothing, etc. The objective of an arbitrage operation is to take advantage of […]

Use Web 2.0 to connect with your customers

Due to the current recession, now more than ever, it is critical that you reach out to your existing customers and vendors and nurture these relationships. You’re probably already using traditional methods like email, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings to learn more about your customers and their needs, but have you considered harnessing the power […]

Marketing Support: The Marketing Mix

The marketing mix (also known as the P’s) is a framework for building a strategic perspective for your product. The marketing mix consists of; Product Price Square Promotion People process Physical evidence Building the foundations of your product through your marketing mix should result in success, however it depends on how you implement them and […]

What you need to know about Scope Freak

One of the hottest trends on social media these days is live streaming. There have been various sites and software offering live streaming services before, but they only gained a lot more attention with the advent of mobile devices. Periscope leads the pack of mobile apps that primarily offer live streaming services. It is considered […]

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