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Fax server software explained

In an effort to reduce communication costs, many businesses and organizations are always looking for innovative ways, and one solution is to use server software to send and receive faxes over a network. With a server softwarethen directly from the user’s computer can send and receive faxes, email to fax and fax to email by […]

Bartitsu: an eclectic form of martial art

Bartitsu was developed by EW Barton-Wright, an English railway engineer in 1898 after he had returned from Japan, where he had been studying Jujitsu. He decided to recreate a new fighting style, combining his new knowledge of Jujitsu with boxing, Japanese fighting forms, and other elements. EW Barton-Wright was the first known person to attempt […]

Do Employers Discriminate Against Disability?

Employers Discriminate Against Disability Do employers discriminate against disability? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. In fact, employers should check the applicable laws and ensure that they are following them. Disabilities should be treated equally, and employers must understand their responsibilities under these laws. Disability discrimination laws have a huge impact on […]

Employers must prepare for new regulatory efforts

As of 2011, the National Labor Relations Board is initiating efforts to revive its workplace notice posting rule. This rule, known as the Notice of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act, would have mandated that employers post an open notice of employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The rule review has […]

The most absurd laws of different countries

The Times newspaper has published 25 weirdest and funniest laws from different countries. Taking inspiration from the example of the British edition, here is another, more comprehensive, parade of eccentric and frankly amusing regulations from world legislative practice. The peculiarities of national legislation. One can study the traditions and the peculiarities of the mentality of […]

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