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1917 Woods Dual Power: the first hybrid car

The first gasoline hybrid electric car came out not in 1983, but in 1917. The Woods Dual Power was built by the Woods Motor Vehicle Company of Chicago. Because the gas engine was so crude but provided more power and electric cars were smoother but had limited range, Woods Motor Vehicle Company wanted to supply […]

Are you using antifreeze to treat your acne?

If you are reading this, I will assume that your life has been affected in some way by the highly irritating disease called acne. It’s no wonder it affected you in some way, since it’s the most common of skin conditions, affecting nearly 17 million people in the United States. It is most common among […]

Radio controlled car craze?

There is a little child inside every clothed man. That saying is quite valid for all men on Earth. Men like to have a hobby. It can be fishing, sports or just being a kid who is fond of rc cars. In fact the craze of radio controlled cars is very common nowadays. There are […]

The best types of vehicles to use for hauling rugs

When you install new carpet, you can always have it delivered. Most carpet sellers or manufacturers expect you to want the carpet delivered, so they already have some type of service for this. This service is often expensive and will incur additional expenses that you may not have budgeted for. If you’re doing the work […]

Truck Parts Wholesale Suppliers

Truck Parts Wholesale If you are looking for a place to get your truck parts from wholesale, you may want to consider Trucks, Parts, and Service. These wholesale truck parts suppliers have offices all over the United States and supply everything from Detroit diesel engines to body panels. They offer truck parts to many well-known […]

Top 3 cars for sale

Maserati-Blue Maserati – Blue is integrated with a dual 50W motor that propels the car to a top speed of 8 km/h (which is quite fast in the world of children), the Ride On Car is also adorned with great features that make driving it is a lot of fun. Like the excellent handling courtesy […]

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