Month: September 2021

Hardwood Flooring Species A through W

Alder A hardwood that comes in several varieties including red hardwood, Oregon, and western species. The color is consistent from pinkish brown to almost white. This material generally does not contain distinctive streaks, but may have moderate straight uniform streaks. Alder is a soft hardwood that can be worked well. It has low tensile strength, […]

Up to 60,000,000 homeless cats

This is the estimated number of homeless cats roaming the US now. Many were pets that the owners no longer wanted, so they left them somewhere. Even more are second, third or, if they can live that long, fourth generation ‘wild’ or wild cats. January and February are bad months in cat shelters. This is […]

New Home Construction Technology

It is built with polystyrene panels Marquis Construction believes that it has found a way to meet its own needs and those of its buyers. They’re built with SIP – 4-inch and 6-inch thick EPS foam sections, like the material coffee cups are made of, sandwiched between sheets of galvanized steel. The 4-foot-wide panels are […]

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