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Austin Architect A. D. Stenger

Arthur Dallas Stenger began building houses in the 1940s in Austin, primarily on Arthur Lane in the Barton Hills area, named after his father (the first Arthur Dallas Stenger), who was also an architect. Although Stenger attended the University of Texas School of Architecture after returning home from World War II, he never graduated. He […]

Hawaii Limited Liability Company: How an Operating Agreement Can Avoid Hawaii Statutes

Under the Hawaii Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, there are default rules that apply if your Hawaii limited company does not have a Hawaii operating agreement in place. Some of those default rules may prevent the company from taking meaningful action due to strict unanimity requirements, especially if the company has many members. This is […]

Gable walls framing globes

Before the 1950s, the standard construction method was the balloon frame of new homes, until the advent of the platform frame. The platform structure is a safer, faster and more profitable method than the balloon structure. That said, balloon framing still has many effective uses in modern house framing that can be incorporated with platform […]

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