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Nonprofit Videos

I am not a video expert, nor do I play one on TV. I am a nonprofit staff member who produces, edits, and publishes videos to further our organization’s mission. I am an amateur, not a professional, in video. So my approach to videos is utilitarian, a means to an end. And I am learning. […]

Is preschool important?

Some people think that preschool for their young children is a must. Others think that they can give their children all the skills they need before they start kindergarten. Parents who have time can teach their children the basics and if you have friends with children of the same age, you can organize playdates so […]

A complete camping checklist for new campers

Is your long-awaited camping trip with your friend finally becoming a reality? You must have surely started visiting online and offline stores that equip themselves with camping gear, especially when you don’t own any of them. Well, don’t be put off by the wide range of camping gear, as you may not need everything the […]

10 ways to make learning math more fun

Sometimes kids find math hard. They show no interest in simple multiplication, division, subtraction problems. Sometimes math becomes boring for them simply because it is difficult for them. However, math should not be a problem for any child. Therefore, we have provided ten shapes that will make math easy for children. These are the small […]

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