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The correct Fahrenheit in Jamaica

DJ Don Flash named it ‘Fahrenheit’ and sure enough, it always seems to be at the right temperature, tempo and all. Terrence Harold, from Jamaican soil also known as “Farenizzi”, uses his many talents to expose Jamaica, its people, culture and skills to the world. An artist in general, he is an international ambassador for […]

The Rapture has already begun

Now that there is no more time, the rapture has already begun. Christians who believe in the second coming of Christ, depending on the Christian group, have drawn their own timetable for how the Lord will come again. There have been talks about the sound of trumpets, the rapture, the resurrection of the dead, the […]

true love can never be defeated

Tears rolled down Mrs. Shrishti Bhatt’s cheeks. She sitting on the sofa with the only memories she had left in her hands, how much she tried to resist but she always stopped at the same photograph in the album. The maid entered the room with the afternoon breakfast and noticed that her face was absorbed […]

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