Month: May 2021

6 fundraising ideas for charities

Fundraising is the way that a person or organization can help others in need both financially and physically. But this is not practically possible for a single person. Fortunately or unfortunately, charity fundraising the traditional way is long and boring. In this article we provide some ideas that we think will be exciting for participants. […]

How to spike your ARV before you buy

The main reason fixes and investments investors lose money is that they make mistakes when estimating value after repair (ARV). Getting the correct repair value and estimate, or at least close, is essential to your success. Analyzing the numbers in a deal is easy, but finding the numbers to connect to your formula can be […]

Best hotels and resorts in Virginia

The contemporary city’s ancestry was traced in response to the beginning of the Virginia Colony in 1607. The city has a great historical background and boasts of different places to visit. Travelers can also join in the city’s celebrations and festivals that take place every year. The Neptune festival is considered one of the most […]

The pros and cons of virtual pets

Since virtual pets first hit the market in the mid-1990s, their popularity has literally exploded around the world. Today, there are many such examples available on the market, and the online world also has its own share of cleverly designed virtual animals. Like a real flesh-and-blood pet, artificial pets are usually cute and endearing, and […]

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