Where Can I Find My Beef Jerky Subscription in Different Spice Levels?

Keep your pantry, cupboards, and glove box full of beef jerky with this curated subscription. Great gift for yourself or a loved one. Can be canceled anytime.

Enjoy delicious artisan jerky delivered to your door from amazing small batch jerky makers around the U.S. It’s perfect for road trips, hiking, or just your day-to-day snacking needs.

Sweet & Spicy

Whether it’s a curated snack box for yourself or as a gift, these subscription services have you covered. From two bags of premium jerky per month all the way to eight, these boxes deliver on variety and curation.


Most people can agree that there is something to be said for the combination of sweet and spicy. It’s a taste that appeals to all ages, races and cultures. And, according to market research agency Mintel, swicy menu options are growing in popularity.

Adding the right amount of sweetness is the key to creating a well-balanced dish. Brown sugar adds a caramel flavor that pairs nicely with savory ingredients. White granulated sugar, on the other hand, dissolves quickly in marinades and dressings, bringing out their natural sweetness without overpowering the dish. Honey is a good choice to add the finishing touch. It’s also a great ingredient to have on hand when you want to make a quick sauce or dip for your favorite swicy dish.


Teriyaki is a sweet sauce that can add an interesting dimension to many dishes. It is often brushed on top of grilled meats to give them that signature shine, but it can also be used as a marinade or even added to ground beef in a burger. Teriyaki is a perfect example of how Asian cuisine has been reinvigorated as outsiders have taken traditional Japanese cooking techniques and flavors and made them their own.

For instance, teriyaki as it is known in the US was a result of Japanese immigrants to Hawaii in the 1960s who paired their teriyaki cooking style with pineapple juice (which is abundant there) and created this distinctively American teriyaki sauce. In contrast, the authentic Japanese version of teriyaki uses soy sauce and mirin (a low-alcohol rice wine) or sometimes mirin-like condiments with garlic and foreign alcohols. Both versions work perfectly as glazes, marinades or dipping sauces and are delicious with meats and vegetables alike.


A great option for those who are avoiding sugar, low-sugar beef jerky subscription is a delicious alternative that can provide the protein they need without any added sweeteners. Typically, these jerkies are made with less sweeteners than traditional varieties and often use natural ingredients such as herbs and spices instead.

This box focuses on small-batch artisan jerkies from makers across the US. It’s a great option for those who want to try unique flavors and discover new favorites. You can choose from subscriptions of two, four, or six bags delivered monthly.

This jerky of the month club is ideal for hot-lovers who can’t get enough spicy flavor in their life. It includes an assortment of spicy beef jerkies, including campfire style angus beef smoked with hickory and game changing salmon jerky. When you check out, you can add a personalized gift note for the recipient. We’ll print and send it in their package along with an email letting them know who sent it.


For those who can handle a lot of heat, we have our Inferno spice level. Featuring our spicy Grizzly Inferno seasoning blend, this spiciest level packs in the fire of a fiery Moruga Trinidad Scorpion Pepper that registers nearly 2 million Scoville units. It’s a scorcher that will blow your taste buds off!

Inferno (pronounced “infern-o”) is a word derived from the Latin infernus, meaning “of the lower regions.” It was used to describe the hell depicted by medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri in his epic poem The Divine Comedy.

The Divine Comedy, composed of three parts, follows Dante’s descent through hell, purgatory and finally heaven. The first part, Inferno, describes Dante’s trip through hell, a baleful world of doleful shades and horrifying tortures. It’s a dark, painful tale, though it ends with a vision of divinity and salvation.