Healthy Natural Solutions for Yeast Infections to Discourage Candida Overgrowth

There are tons of health food companies that offer healthy foods for any diet, which help determine the growth of the yeast that causes yeast infections, known as Candida Albicans. After learning what you can’t have, let’s look at the things you can have. Surprisingly, there are many different varieties of foods you can eat while dealing with chronic yeast infection.

Lean fresh meat and poultry (preferably organic) should be the cornerstone of your Candida diet. Eggs and deep-sea fish are also safe to eat. You can combine these protein options with greens, millet, amaranth, and quinoa. The last three are ancient grains that have recently made a comeback on the dietary landscape. Their low yeast content makes them perfect for this diet. There are also unleavened breads available.

Vegetables of all varieties are encouraged on this diet, especially garlic and onion, which have proven antifungal properties. The vegetables can be cooked in oil or butter and served over brown rice, which is also on the “okay” list.

Sunrider products are another option available to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and help with Candida. Sunrider products are very high quality, unique, you don’t need that many to help with Candida. Of course, to help you stay away from sugar and junk food.

Sunrider has several products available and I provide free samples of some of the Sunrider products in North America. I want to spread the word about how Sunrider has helped me and share with you what I have found and used to help me since 1996.

First, let me tell you which Sunrider products I have found very helpful with Candida and I’ll give you some details on the actual product.

Sunrider Vitadophilus

This is a product that comes in powder form and can be mixed with water. Its purpose is to help the digestive tract break down food more efficiently, thereby deterring the formation of Candida yeast. It also supports the general health of the digestive tract.

Quinary Sunrider

This product maintains general health while using a blended herbal formula. Contains no preservatives or chemicals. Quinary uses the Chinese tradition of body regeneration through daily maintenance. It can help balance the body.

Sunrider NuPlus Simply Herbs

This is an herbal nutritional powder that can be mixed into drinks. The nutrient-packed drink allows one to supercharge their nutritional intake, just like eating organic fruits and vegetables would. It also helps reduce cravings for sugar and junk food.

Sunrider Calli drink and Fortune Delight drink

These drinks work much like green tea, but with added value. They contain antioxidants that absorb harmful free radicals within the body. They taste great, cleanse the body a lot and reduce cravings for sugar and coffee and other life-destroying junk foods and drinks.

As I mentioned, I have personally used these products since 1996, and if you would like more information on Candida solutions for your chronic Candidiasis, please visit and I recommend you stay informed by subscribing to my Diana’s newsletter. Healthy Lifestyles for the latest tips and techniques to help you with your Candida infection.

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