Covid-19 (Corona) Epidemic Vs Humanity

My condolences to those who have lost their love, also to those who lost their jobs in this pandemic situation, today I feel that I am living in a country where we are all with one hand to help each other or together to fight against all disasters. .

We are united

we were united and

We will be

World economic crises hit developing country and third world, their foreign employees are losing their jobs, families and lives are affected, but no one cares, thinks about them, supports them or sympathizes with them. It seems we all live the life of animals like in the jungle where no one knows each other, mighty trying to eat helpless if you luckily survived you have to swim alone just to stay alive

so many citizens of my country (Pakistan) lost their jobs and now they were waiting for government support to get them back, all of them are loyal citizens, many choose to work for their own country in addition to having a good advantage of monetary compensation and others also chose but they choose to serve their own country, but what they have is hunger, poverty, corruption to get work in their own country and those who left for their future after earning some of them compare their income abroad with the country of origin, let’s not argue, regardless of the purpose behind his departure. The Prime Minister of Pakistan came back and served his own country and he is still trying to help them and it is a nice gesture.

Corona battle against humanity spreads its dark clouds, change a day into night, we look up to ALLAH almighty. We watch the sunrise and go back to our lives hoping that the setting sun will bring good news about the end of corona.

The WHO (World Health Organization) and many Health Organizations at the International, National, Provincial, District and area levels assume the responsibility of educating people to maintain social distancing, hand washing and avoid travel, unnecessary work and routine activities.

one after another, the countries affected by corona, the lockdown and even the curfew become the solution to control the disease because no one has a medical solution for this, to this day it is affected in China, Spain, United Kingdom United, Italy and currently at the peak in the United States with the highest death toll, poor countries such as South Asian regions and African countries, their people do not even have the basic necessities to live, there is no adequate supply of water , food supply and health facilities available

I live in Karachi Pakistan where we have a large population in Karachi without proper water supply people’s basic income is very low even if they can’t afford lockdown. WHO handwashing guidance can’t work, because they don’t have drinking water, how is it possible to social distance, in a single room where 7-10 family members live in a single room, how can we make a distance of 1-3? subway, people live in temporary shelters for social distancing

The reason is not Pakistan, the reason is the rest of the rich countries, their lobbies and political science and so-called politics; make poor counties more unstable and poorer make them live below the poverty line and we all know who is responsible for that.

May ALLAH forgive all the sins of humanity, protect the sick and elderly population that is vulnerable. In this battle young doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, social volunteers, cleaning personnel, rescue teams, ambulance personnel, and so many that perhaps not in my words, of course in my memory but in my prayers they lost their lives or their beings. darlings, you can’t stay home, you were on the field to defeat corona.

Humanity always remembers this third world war that killed so many, but our nurses, doctors and paramedics take it upon themselves to stop it. We salute you and wish that the medical solution will get a successful cure so that by the grace of ALLAH Almighty all the remaining ones will be cured.

We are proud of you health team Stay safe, stay blessed.

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