Fashion fanatic? The 4 most popular fashion apps in 2018

Over time, the perspective of fashion changes. Once upon a time, what was a ‘cool’ trend is probably out of style now! Today, from clothing to matching accessories, from bags to shoes, everything you can buy online. The improvements in the field of application development have a great contribution to make it possible. If you are a fashion freak and love to keep up with the ongoing fashion trends in the latest market, keep reading! Here’s a list of this year’s top-rated fashion apps.


This news app is available for desktop and mobile versions. All kinds of fashion related blogs, latest news are available on Feedly. The biggest feature of this app is that it has awesome integration with other popular apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, IFTTT, Twitter, etc. If you’re looking for blogs on the latest trends or fashion news, Feedly won’t let you down. However, setting up this app may take a few minutes. You can get Feedly on your smartphone without spending a single penny.

#2 Polyvore

Polyvore is a household name in the list of the hottest fashion apps that are trending in the market today. It is a famous community, where the latest fashion products, sales, ideas, etc. are discussed. continue. More interesting still, this app provides some customization tools along with smooth purchasing options. In addition to fashion products and accessories, if you want to get new ideas for home decor furniture, Polyvore will provide you with many ideas and references. You can get this app from the Google Play Store for free.

#3 The hunt

Clothing, jewelry, accessories – The Hunt is the online marketplace for just about any fashion item you can think of. Here you can post different fashion outfits. More interestingly, you can see posts from other members suggesting or recommending cheaper versions of any particular product. Although The Hunt is not completely bug free, to find creative and new ideas on fashion trends, to satiate your shopping spree, to interact with like-minded fashion fans around the world, this app is very helpful.

#4 Pinterest

To explore new and creative ideas, Pinterest is a very good option. Not just fashion related posts, you can find many other interesting things in this popular app. Even for the one-off kind of thing, Pinterest is an intriguing app to dig into. With this social networking app, you can pin all the things you like to your personal profile for future reference. The fascinating point of Pinterest is that it is available for free without any in-app purchases and it integrates seamlessly with some of the other popular apps.

In addition to all the mobile apps mentioned above, Poshmark, Etsy, etc. are some other popular names in the list of trending apps available in the market of 2018.

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