How Brands And Retailers Are Reacting To Threads

Brands And Retailers Are Reacting To Threads

When Threads launched a couple weeks ago, it created a fire drill for many marketing teams who had to decide whether and how to engage. And while the app’s accelerated growth (it hit 100 million users in five days, surpassing Twitter rival ChatGPT’s record of 67 million in just four) and tight integration with Instagram has helped, it’s still too early to say whether the Twitter killer is here to stay.

Brands and retailers are taking a measured approach to Threads, with some opting to simply set up an account for visibility purposes. A few, such as skincare brand Urban Skin RX, are embracing the new platform with a cheeky, playful tone that could see them stand out from competitors in this highly competitive space. Others are using the forum to test out a more casual, conversational style with their followers and to build up engagement and monetization potential.

How Brands Are Using Threads

The quickest route to building a following on Threads is for brands to join as users and have their existing Instagram audiences automatically transferred over. Some, such as sports and media company DAZN Group and apparel and lifestyle brand Rare Beauty, have done just that and amassed large followings from the get-go. The other route is for marketers to create their own accounts and build audiences from scratch. Some, such as fashion label Gymshark and sports and media company Team Whistle, have already done so and are amassing thousands of followers.

How Brands And Retailers Are Reacting To Threads

It’s likely that the first wave of brands on Threads will be a mix of CPG, lifestyle and retail brands, as well as publishers like American and British Vogue, LadBible and The Economist. Costco, for instance, has an active Threads account that’s generating followers but isn’t yet an official part of the brand’s digital marketing strategy. The chain’s decision to take a slow, measured approach to new social platforms could be due to the fact that it prioritizes driving traffic to its physical stores and ecommerce site over audience-building efforts.

Exploring How Brands Utilize Threads

As for those brands that have officially joined, Nike is taking a conservative approach. One of the first to activate its account, its posts have been largely identical to those on Twitter with the exception of a few added emoji and the addition of the new platform’s avatar.

Other brands, such as beauty retailer Ulta and apparel brand Nordstrom have taken a more experimental approach. The latter is leveraging the platform to host live Q&As with its fans and to post short videos and GIFs to generate interaction, but it’s also been posting content that wouldn’t be appropriate for Twitter or Instagram, such as a recent meme comparing the difference between face acne and butt acne. The riskier strategy may pay off if the platform proves to be a viable option for boosting customer loyalty and generating revenue from ads.

Understand brand’s implementation for Threads

Interactive Campaigns: Creative and interactive campaigns find an ideal platform in threads. Brands can design scavenger hunts, quizzes, or challenges that span multiple tweets, encouraging followers to participate actively. This type of marketing encourages sharing, which, in turn, increases brand visibility.

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