Maui Fire Lawyers

The August 2023 Maui wildfires devastated homes and businesses in historic Lahaina. Many homeowners were forced to evacuate and lost their personal belongings as well as property. Those who suffered losses due to the fires may be eligible for financial compensation. Our teams can help them recover the costs of their losses and damages through a successful lawsuit against the responsible parties. Our Maui fire lawyers can also file a claim against the federal government for any additional damages they might be entitled to.

The federal government has sent investigators to the island to determine the cause of the blaze. A team from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is in Hawaii to support local fire officials. The team is comprised of a group of fire experts, including an ATF fire research laboratory electrical engineer and an arson and explosives investigation supervisor. The fires that ravaged the west side of Maui were sparked by downed power lines. Eyewitness videos show snapped lines dangling in the air and igniting flames across the land.

Some residents have filed class action lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric alleging gross negligence and putting profit over consumer safety. The lawsuits cite numerous documents that indicate the company was aware of the dangers of downed lines. The suits claim the company neglected to deenergize the lines when they knew that they could pose a fire threat. They also allege the company ignored the National Weather Service’s high wind and fire warning before the blaze started.

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Handle Arson-Related Cases?

While the lawsuits accuse the utility company of negligence, the county of Maui has taken a different approach. The county’s lawsuit claims Hawaiian Electric caused the blaze by failing to shut off power after the National Weather Service issued a red flag warning. The county also accuses the company of neglecting to maintain its power grid infrastructure and perform regular maintenance.

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Homeowners who are seeking recompense from the blaze should contact an experienced wildfire lawyer as soon as possible. In addition to establishing eligibility for compensation, a lawyer can help victims document their losses and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure they receive the maximum payout.

A qualified lawyer should have substantial experience handling cases involving fires, and be in good standing with the bar association of Hawaii. The firm should also have a proven track record of winning compensation for clients. It is important to hire an attorney who can handle both civil and criminal cases arising from fires.

The most common types of wildfire-related lawsuits are civil cases involving the loss or destruction of private property. These lawsuits usually focus on damage to property caused by a wildfire, but can also involve other incidents such as negligence, breach of contract and trespassing. Civil cases involving wildfires typically involve compensation for the actual physical loss of property as well as the resulting emotional trauma. The legal process for filing a civil wildfire-related lawsuit can be lengthy and complicated.