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Everything you need to know to get the right Tuscan color palette!

Choosing Tuscan colors can seem overwhelming when you first think of Tuscan-style decorating. The colors of Tuscany, if selected in the right way, can work quite well! Since the colors of Tuscany come from Mother Nature, I often refer to this as a guide that makes this process much easier.

The warm shades of red, yellow, green, and brown are natural earth tones that clearly represent true Tuscan color. Fabulous colors that I enjoy and have used in my home are burgundy, olive green, warm brown, and golden yellow. This blend reminds me of a family Tuscan vineyard. Another wonderful palette is the combination of pale gold, sage green, rust red, and cream. The rust red reminds me so much of relaxing on a Tuscan farmhouse. I enjoy decorating houses in Tuscany more because I can associate each room with a part of Italy that I love. I design with this in mind when choosing Tuscan painting.

The simple ways to find a “workable” Tuscan color palette is through Tuscan art. Often when I think of Tuscan decor, I go out looking for art when decorating the home in the Tuscan style. From the paintings, I can collect the particular colors in the artwork that the artist has chosen. Many times while browsing the stores, these paints stand out and the color palette jumps out at you, making it easy to figure out what will work and blend well with the room you choose to decorate. Another easy way to choose the colors of Tuscany is through the Tuscan tile.

Especially when designing Tuscan kitchens, tiles are a great way to start deciding on Tuscan kitchen colors. While you’re at the tile shops, you may be looking for tiles to decorate your dark wood farmhouse tabletop, or you could be shopping for tiles for your Tuscan kitchen backsplash. Once again, drawing colors from mosaic tiles in particular will get you on the right track when choosing Tuscan colors. These tiles can also help you with Tuscan color selection when selecting Tuscan kitchen accessories.

Create a genuine Tuscan ambience using today’s Tuscan design techniques. I’ll show you a simple way to choose the colors for your Tuscan decor. Find out how to choose the right shades and hues using a color wheel. Find out how to choose Tuscan wall paintings that complement your space.

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