The Bowl Championship Series: Here’s a Common Sense Replacement

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of years. Now seems the time to share it.

The facts make this too easy.

Fact # 1. It is always best to determine who is the best team “on the field of play”.

Fact # 2. Depending on the conference, teams sit idle from four weeks to, in the case of the Big Ten, six weeks waiting for a bowl game.

Fact # 3. Most of the time we don’t have the same teams after layoffs. They are rusty. I’ll make any excuse for my Buckeyes!

Fact # 4. Sometimes good smaller conference teams can be very competitive, or even beat some of the “Big Boys.” Right, Sooners and Wolverines? They just never get a chance to play the BIG Bowl game.

Fact # 5. There are 31 Bowl games in this country this year. 15 of these are east of the Mississippi, 15 west of the Mississippi and one, the Sugar Bowl is right on the Mississippi. Are you starting to feel it?

Fact # 6. With the exception of the largest bowls, most play in empty seats with low audience ratings. Check it out.

Here are the fixes!

Fix # 1. We started our tournament by inviting ALL the conference champions and then the best of the rest to build a 32-team field. But the key is all the conference champions.

Fix # 2. Thanksgiving weekend is the start of the “December demolition.” 16 of the “bottom rung” bowls house the 1st round. Four regional games on Friday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night. Each game is played in a packed room and tuned to regional television. Read this like money baby.

Fix # 3. Round two games next weekend with its eight “middle rung” bowls. The key is also to keep your team in their natural regions. This allows fans to travel. And they will.

Fix # 4. Round 3 games go to next highest rated bowl games. Remember, keep those regional teams. It’s about the teams, the fans, the television, and the money.

Fix # 5. The fourth round semifinals go to their biggest bowls in the East and West.

Fix # 6. Take a week to catch your breath.

Fix # 7. News Years Day baby and we have One Bowl for All The Marbles. The best of the East Vs the best of the West.

Now is this perfect? Probably not. Is it better than what we have?

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