Stone countertops – marble and granite are just two of the endless varieties and styles of stone

When choosing to remodel or build a kitchen or bathroom, natural stone is a fantastic choice for both its beauty and durability. Natural stone is easy to maintain, clean and looks great with any style of décor. Not all stones are the same; however, granite, soapstone and marble all have individual qualities. With the many different colors and options within each type of stone, having access to a showroom with knowledgeable staff can ease the mind of a potentially weary consumer.

Limestone is a beautiful accent stone, but it would not be suitable for a countertop. Quartz is a strong and chip resistant stone, but it would be damaged by UV light and therefore should not be used outdoors. Marble has many levels of hardness and the different levels are better suited to different areas of the house. With so many different qualities for each specific type of stone, speaking with a showroom consultant will help you make the right decision for each individual project. Discussing the project with qualified personnel will result in a lifetime of enjoyment of natural stone.

Along with the type of stone, there are many more decisions to make when building or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. Each type of stone has different finishes, veins and colors that must be taken into account. Granite can only have a polished, leather, matte, brushed, aged or flamed finish. Marble and quartz can be sharpened or polished and soapstone has a typical old world style. Natural stones like granite can have almost limitless color options, while marble is usually seen only in variations of white, pink, or black. The veining of granite and marble varies greatly since they are natural stones. Quartz is available in many colors; even those that are not found in nature, and have consistent patterns. Simply reading about natural stone options will not help a consumer choose the right type for the job. One should visualize the color and grain patterns in a situation similar to the project they are trying to complete. A showroom with a wide variety of exhibits will demonstrate the beauty and benefits of each option.

In addition to the choice of color and pattern, the design of the countertops should also be considered. There are endless countertop trim options, and having access to a showroom to view them will help you choose the right style for each project. A beveled edge may look great on a stone fireplace, but it may not match the decorating style of a modern kitchen. Perhaps a full bull nose trim is suitable for the bathroom, but it may not look good on a natural stone bar top. Seeing the options first hand in a showroom will give the consumer peace of mind.

Natural stone is a welcome addition to any home’s kitchen, bathroom or fireplace. Having all the options to see and being able to talk to qualified and informed personnel will allow the consumer to make the best choice in design, color and type for lasting enjoyment.

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