PS3 Move Motion Controller technology brings a new gaming experience

A new dimension or experience in PS3 gaming comes with the new controller. In 2011, there will be many Playstation3 motion games coming out that will take full advantage of the features of the wireless controller. The new controller called “Move Motion” will be played with the games specially designed for it. Some of the games that can be found on the market to play with the “Move Motion” are listed below.

The fight

In The Fight, “Motion Technology” will track the way the player moves the wand with the PlayStation Eye and translate it into on-screen action. Motion Fighter takes the player’s moves and turns them into devastating blows. The player will forget that he is playing and will get fully involved very quickly.

Brunswick Pro Bowling

In the game, the player has to practice and be a good player to win. Playstation3 Move Motion technology will make the player a good bowler in the real world. The player will also find hidden parts of the games which he is rewarded with as he progresses and improves his skill level.

sports champions

Sports like table tennis, sword fighting, volleyball and archery are some of the games to play with PS3 Move technology. These games are suitable for all ages and are enhanced with the motion controller’s wireless capabilities. The PS3 Move controller is more responsive than other game controllers and seems to connect to the console very quickly with Bluetooth

little big planet 2

“The Little Big Planet 2” is an adventure game that lets you take full advantage of Move technology. The player can customize the action he wants to use with the motion controller to see a new dimension in gaming. The player will enjoy playing games like never before.

There are many more games to play with the PS3 Move controller technology. If you like to play, you will love the Move Motion technology.

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