Padded Bra Vs the Magic Cleavage Push Up Shapewear Bra

Being a relatively flat-chested woman these days doesn’t have to be a negative when it comes to fashion. With the plethora of push-up bras, padded bras, and cleavage-enhancing bras, it seems like we’re spoiled for choice. Actually, many bras I’ve tried over the years have seemed good to me, but the difference in my shape has always been negligible.

The search for solutions

My search for something different than my usual push up bras started with a discussion with some of my friends. Being quite fashion conscious, we discussed the appeal of low V-neck tops and the fact that most female celebrities wear plunging necklines at one point or another and manage to look good whether natural or with breast implants. Since implants are not an option I would even consider, I had previously delved into the realm of breast enhancing diet and exercise, but the results seemed to be more psychological than physical.

After several days of surfing the internet looking for push up bras and plunging bras, I came across the Facebook page of the bra company Magic Cleavage (WR Solutions)

the claims

The first thing that struck me about the Facebook pages and website was the boldness of the claims of enhanced cleavage and shaping abilities. Second, there was the fact that there is a video of what looks like a model with a very normal body shape demonstrating the product. Being curious, I ordered one with the resignation that it may end up with a lot of my ‘big idea’ purchases in the back of the closet.

The practical test

Needless to say, I tried out the kit as soon as it arrived. Below are two photos taken by myself wearing one of my usual push up bras and the other wearing the Magic Cleavage Push up Shaping Bra Set.

The results are definitely both physical and psychological. The way the material hugs the body is very comfortable and since the fabric is so light, you almost forget you have one after a while. My tests consisted of wearing it with a low-cut top and with a jacket over a light blouse. The shape is definitely fashion-friendly, as the way clothes now fall is very flattering. I haven’t tried to venture with upgrading the drawstring cleavage to the max, but I usually use it partially tucked in.

The benefits

So far I haven’t given my opinion on the language used by the website, so here it goes. The cleavage enhancement claims are obvious from the video and I found that even at my size 36b, the results stood up to scrutiny. The shapewear claims are also very precise and the panties that come as part of the set do a good job of tightening everything up. The back fat helping properties weren’t something I could vouch for, but from the way it adjusts to the curve of your armpit, I suspect there’s a good chance those claims are correct.


Overall, a very good and long-awaited purchase.

Find the image referenced in this article here

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