Intuition is listening to your heart, not your head

Intuition is a very valuable gift if you use it. But just as a house that is abandoned deteriorates due to lack of care, so your intuition can become dull and dusty. Daily maintenance, such as meditation and exercise, is important to remove emotional debris and physical stress that build up in the body and block intuition. When we are centered, rested, and stress-free, we are in a healthy and open state for our intuition to flourish and grow.

Our intuitive self is always waiting to be heard and cared for. But we are often conditioned to listen outside of ourselves for ideas.

These days you can “Google” an answer to any question you may have. There are even oracles on the web that you can consult to get your answers. As you learn to trust your intuition, a psychic reading can be beneficial in confirming your deepest feelings and helping you make important decisions. Even the best psychic needs to consult an associate from time to time to learn about the hidden areas of the psyche.

Psychic readings are meant to be performed periodically. Sometimes you can’t listen to your own inner guidance because you feel overwhelmed by life’s problems. Other times, you may wish to receive a psychic reading to be a catalyst for spiritual expansion on your soul’s path.

I often hear from clients that their psychic reading with me validated their own intuition and gave them courage to make the necessary changes to move their lives forward and live their dreams.

You can return to this graceful state of hearing the voice of your soul by learning a few simple tools and techniques to listen deeply within. It’s never too late to learn to listen to your heart instead of your head. This daily maintenance of your inner world allows you to trust your intuition as you navigate through life.

Your inner temple may need a bit of sprucing up like an old abandoned house, but just as the house can be made new again, so too can your inner sanctum become holy and fresh once again. Intuition is a priceless gift from your soul that is waiting to be accessed.

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