How to make a man feel in control and be the one who is really in charge! Here’s how to do it

A man, even if he does not confirm it verbally, will always want to be the boss. Tell him to his face that someone else is running the show and he’ll be quick to point out that the show is cancelled! The good news is that you don’t have to keep up with his whims to keep him at bay. Here’s how to make him feel like he’s the boss:

It depends on him even if you are an independent woman.
The last thing a man would want to know is that you no longer need his help. Although you may be the most independent woman in the world, just let this man feel that you could still use a little help from him.

Respect the final decision he makes.
He can never forget the day you told him how useless his decision was and that your idea was better from the start! Make sure to keep an eye out for revenge from him because he will put you through the same embarrassment he felt!

Find qualities that you can appreciate.
This is a man, so he always needs recognition. He wants his manly ego to be stroked, so you better come up with compliments, really sincere ones, and be sure to let him know.

Don’t let a day go by without reminding him of your love.
Men may not be as cutesy as women, but they still look forward to those moments when they’re told how much you love them. This man will want to take charge, but he will surely become your slave the moment you assure him of your undying devotion to him.

Make him see that you take his advice seriously.
Be ready to listen to your man when he has advice for you. This is a great way to show him that you trust his advice. Always thank him for giving you some kind of advice.

Always keep your distance.
Give her ample privacy because every man requires space. Swallow all your insecurities or he will try to leave you soon. Be the type of woman who is mature enough to give him freedom.

Be your strongest advocate.
You can make him feel like he’s in charge if you shout the loudest voice of support! Make this guy feel like you will never look down on his efforts and never walk away from him when everyone else seems to have lost faith in him.

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