How can you test a guy’s loyalty? These tricks will help you discover their true intentions

An admirable male characteristic is that once you gain their trust, they become loyal allies. Between them, they develop a strong bond of friendship. And for a woman, a man becomes not only a friend, but also a confidant, and even a kind of modern knight in shining armor.

It’s a nice feeling when you know a man is loyal to you. Here is a checklist to test his loyalty:

He can be trusted.

You can be almost certain that when a man is loyal to you, he will be there. There may be certain circumstances when he is not available, but for sure he will do his best and find a way to help you. And even if he can’t be physically present, you know he isn’t really absent either.

He is willing to make sacrifices for you.

Making sacrifices for another person is a difficult thing to do, even the smallest ones. But if a man is willing to give up something, like a game or a night out with his friends, because you asked him to, then you can be sure there is a fair amount of loyalty involved.

He defends you.

It will not tolerate any comments against you and will protect you from any negative criticism. Due to his loyalty, he would feel that any attack against you hurts him as well. This does not necessarily mean that he will suddenly become violent. It’s just that he will protect you in any way he knows how.

It has nothing to hide.

He is open towards you because he knows he has nothing to hide. Loyalty means transparency, because he believes that you are worthy of his trust.

It puts you first.

You are one of the few items listed at the top of your virtual priority list. That is why, above all and everything, he will give you his time, his attention and himself. Only in certain unavoidable circumstances will he prioritize something else over you.

He takes your side when you’re right…

When you are absolutely right, you can be sure that he will be on your side. He will be by your side through thick and thin.

… But he’s still by your side when you’re not.

He may not take your side if you mess up, but he will stay by your side through it all. Don’t hold it against him, after all, he is entitled to his own opinion.

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