First look at the BMW I Vision Circular Concept: renew, reuse, recycle

Vehicle manufacturers are preparing for future electric vehicles. Converting the vehicle fleet from internal combustion engines to all-electric units will consume a large amount of resources. In this department, BMW seems to be ahead of the competition. Recently, it has presented the I Vision Circular concept car.

Aside from a couple of laser-etched logos, you won’t find any exterior badging. This approach can help save a lot of energy and tools needed to produce this type of decoration. After all, there’s no need to opt for a chrome-looking coach if an engraving can serve the purpose.

It seems that the manufacturer has tried to save weight in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, this concept is unique and more important than the futuristic hatchback concept. In fact, it represents a process that had a production system. And without a doubt, this concept is very cool.

Mainly, this concept is cool because of the outrageous features of I Vision Circular. And there is a carbon footprint analysis. Apart from this, BMW is trying to go green and save the environment by reducing carbon emissions by up to 40%. And we know that this will have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Apart from the conceptual things, we can say that this vehicle is going to be interesting for the users. This stocky, stubby thing features cockpit-forward proportions and a pronounced angularity. The sloped windshield slopes down to the huge kidney grille, which is a futuristic BMW design. However, it is much better integrated compared to existing models.

As for the painting, there is nothing. The aluminum body is anodized and the back is heat treated until it turns blue. Therefore, recycling the bodywork will be much easier in the future. Therefore, it serves many purposes.

Also, the windshield is known as the instrument cluster, while the rear glass serves as the turn signals and taillights. Similarly, the window features strips of touch-sensitive screens for easy input.

For recycling, the components of this vehicle are reduced. Therefore, they are easy to remove. Each door has a built-in electronic module. It serves as a window motor, a switch, and a removable module.

In addition, a special tool must be used to remove scarce fasteners. Therefore, the assembly and disassembly process is quite simple. That is, if you don’t secure something with a fastener, you can easily remove it just like recycled upholstery attached to seat frames with a rope system.

Without a doubt, the BMW I Vision Circular is a prototype you can trust. This futuristic car can help you enjoy new design and many luxurious features. Let’s wait for this car to come out.

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