EFT Tapping is such a stupid idea, only a fool would believe it could work!

Many people are very skeptical about EFT as a therapy, but are soon convinced of its effectiveness.

EFT or eft tapping works by having the client touch various parts of their body while talking to themselves. I know, it sounds crazy when you put it like that, but I’ve seen it work time and time again. EFT works to remove physical pain and address emotional issues, including stress. It can even be used to improve your golf game!

But how can such a strange treatment really work? Well I think there are a couple of reasons why it works so effectively.

First of all, our mind, body, and soul, or spirit, are connected. That means if you feel sad, your whole body feels sad. If you are angry, every part of you is angry.

The second reason is that we are made up of energy that flows through us and can sometimes get blocked.

Let’s explore each of these for a moment. Mind, body and spirit connection. For a long time I accepted that to be true, but it was only when I really started to think about holistic healing that I began to understand the implications of what it really means.

Everyone can think of a time when just thinking about or anticipating something has led to a physical change in the body. Think about how you feel before an important meeting or when you are about to go on a date for the first time. Golfers also know that they play their best golf when the pressure is off and they are just playing for fun. However, in high-pressure situations, they ‘adjust’ and their score suffers.
These are all examples of the mind impacting the body.

But the problems arise when you are not aware of the impact that the emotional discomfort is causing. Stress is a classic case. Stress is a good and healthy response to a bad situation. Your body senses danger and will put you in ‘fight or flight’ mode. Your heart will beat faster, blood will flow to major muscles, and some functions like digestion will slow down. That’s great for a quick response, but when this is prolonged, these changes do real damage to your body.

This is where the energy comes in. EFT posits that throughout your life you are being impacted by events for better or worse. These experiences add up to the ‘writing on your wall’. In other words, your values ​​and beliefs are shaped by your experiences. These can cause a blockage or malfunction within your internal energy field.

EFT tapping works by removing these blockages and has been described as acupuncture without the needles. By touching one end of an energy line, you remove the blockage and allow the energy to flow freely. The proper balance is restored.

This sounds simple, but it’s actually incredibly powerful and can often provide instant relief when all else has failed. You don’t need to believe it’s going to work; you just have to give it a try. However, EFT can bring up traumatic memories and emotions, so treat it with respect. Careful questioning can be used to address deep-seated problems quickly, without the need to relive past experiences.

All in all, EFT is a safe and fun holistic therapy that continues to deliver amazing results.

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