Ancient Greek Atomic Science Was About Mothers and Their Babies

Once upon a time, long ago, living in ancient Egypt had its good times as well as its bad times. One scribe wrote that during good times, kindness within the family seemed to increase the Egyptians’ ability to get the most out of life. The Egyptian pyramid builders had to know about geometry and the scribe discovered that there were two kinds of geometry. One type was about lifeless things like stone pyramids and the other type was about living feelings. The feeling material was different, because it could be used to think of ideas that lasted forever, while the lifeless material could not. Living geometry was used to try to decipher the feelings that belong to geometry that lasted forever. They called that the sacred geometry of the immortal soul.

We know a little about this topic because it was used to describe the meaning of ancient Egyptian paintings that were painted during the 1st Kingdom of Egypt. The Egyptian stone writings tell us that about 4000 years ago a terrible drought ended the first kingdom and a hundred years later the people restored the existence of the government. However, new rules were applied, the geometry used to explain mercy, compassion, and justice had to be used to turn those ideas into political law. We could refer to the people who do this as belonging to a kind of mystery school. Some Greeks, including Pythagoras, our old school friend, went to Egypt to learn more about the secrets of these Mystery Schools.

After a while, several Greek universities were established to find out more about the eternal mysteries and the ancient Greeks added more good ideas to those of mercy, compassion and justice, including love, freedom and truth. In geometry, all these ideas had to be balanced against each other to correctly solve political and scientific problems. Things got more and more complicated and the universities decided to invent a science dedicated both to living beings and to the logic of dead beings. His science of life was known as the Science for Ethical Purposes. The idea of ​​good and evil was resolved. Good referred to the health of the universe and evil was found to be the destructive property of formless matter within the atom. Those Greeks were getting so smart that they figured out a way to measure how much the earth weighed and how far it was from the sun and they had discovered some pretty incredible things about atoms.

Pythagoras learned about the Music of the Spheres, that as the moon and stars moved, they sang a kind of song that could be heard by the moving atoms inside humans. This type of musical communication between heavenly bodies and tiny atoms is well known today and is a bit like the force of communication that breaks a glass of wine when a high note is sung. The moon could be seen as influencing the female fertility cycle and thus celestial music could represent a science to explain a mother’s love and compassion for children.

All the ethical stuff had to be put into a medical science to guide an ennobling government so that humans could learn how to evolve to become good enough to act for the good of the spiritual universe. Spiritual in that ancient science referred to creepy modern holographic matter, anyway, by being good, i.e. by caring for the holographic environment, humans could become gods and prevent the extinction of the evil that resides within the atom. This science was called The Science of Universal Love and its teachers were called Saviors, saving humanity from atomic evil. It was taught throughout Italy during the 1st century BC. C. and Cicero, the Roman historian, complained that it was not suitable for Roman rule.

The science of universal love was a strange idea about a spinning force that joined small bits of material to form worlds, which we now know was an attempt to explain the effects of gravity. In addition to doing this, the spinning force, called We, was thought to develop intelligence in the universe. It was thought that when the Nous had created parts of the universe they would create more parts, leaving humans to evolve as part of the universal creation. The idea that good was for the health of the universe and that humans could, in some mysterious way, be responsible for such goodness became a source of intense study for several hundred years, until the Romans burned down the Great Library. of Alexandria and most of the ancient scrolls were lost

Attempts to rediscover lost science became known as the Renaissance. Things got complicated and caused the greatest scientific confusion imaginable. The Knights Templar unearthed some of the ancient scrolls under a temple in Jerusalem and decided that Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher of the lost lore, and hundreds of years later United States President Thomas Jefferson wrote his own Bible about it. . The East India Company felt Charles Darwin on a journey to find the secrets of evolution and rewrote that the universe was governed by the same scientific laws that governed the operation of steam engines. Albert Einstein thought it was a great idea and science became so ridiculous that it became impossible to even think scientifically about the magical importance of a young mother’s love for her child.

The world had gone after money, the dumb science we got stuck with, is falling into a mess causing global economic turmoil. Recently, the ancient science of spiritual reality has been photographed at work within human DNA and we seem in danger of becoming a kind of robot governed by bits of endless government forms to fill out. Scientists around the world are trying to measure the loving forces that come into play between a mother and her baby. Einstein’s steam engine law, which considered that when all the heat in the universe is lost to cold space, all life must be destroyed, is no longer considered a complete picture of everything. The feminine loving force does not allow that to happen at all.

The amazing thing about the new science struggling to emerge from a world of greed is that some of the world’s greatest scientists have created a new medical science. A mother’s love and compassion are so essential to future human survival that not only are ancient mysteries being updated into a new science, but as mothers realize their importance, the magic song of life now it can be measured with delicate instruments. Plans already exist based on a mother’s lullaby for her baby, to be put into a computer game the complete opposite of existing computer games of violence and destruction, so that business profit leaders can balance their businesses .

Professor Robert Pope

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