American History Curriculum

American History is a favorite subject for homeschoolers. There are plenty of lapbooks, unit studies, and other resources to help you teach your kids American History. Here are some of our favorites.

The American History curriculum from Bright Ideas Press is a favorite amongst homeschoolers. It is a full curriculum covering american history for homeschoolers through the explorers to the Civil War. The curriculum has a digital downloadable Companion Guide that goes along with the Reader and Teacher’s Guide, and contains additional exercises, forms, reviews, maps, and study questions. It also has a wealth of creative project ideas, timeline strategies, recommended reading lists, family fun activities, and more.

The Student Reader reads like a story book, and is engaging and interesting to students. The corresponding Student Activity Book offers activities and hands-on projects to make history come alive for your students. A Teacher’s Guide containing annotated lists of books and other resources is also available. The curriculum is based on the “Four Pillars of American Exceptionalism”–a Christian, mostly Protestant religious foundation; common law; private property with written titles and deeds; and a free market economy.

This is a multi-age, literature-based history curriculum that focuses on people rather than dates and events. It works well with co-op classes and easily adapts to individual children of different ages. It is a very flexible curriculum that is best used with supplemental materials such as real books, maps, and artistic/hands-on projects.

American History Curriculum For Homeschoolers

Using historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the U.S Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers, this course allows your students to learn about American History through the people who lived it. This is an excellent way to help your students grasp how America came to be the country it is today.

This award-winning website presents the world’s history through the stories of people who lived it. Students will experience what it was like to live in each time period through video interviews, interactive maps, and a wealth of other historical resources.

Sonlight is an excellent American History curriculum for homeschoolers that uses good books to make history come alive. It is taught in three sweeps through history, starting outside of the United States, so that students see how our society differs from others around the world and how American culture has enriched those other cultures.

This is a unit study curriculum for grades K-3 that explores early American History through the lives of important people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. It is a literature rich program that also incorporates art and music studies along with history. It is a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-use and flexible history curriculum.