Month: October 2021

Your Ragdoll cat can feel very lonely

Your rag doll cat is probably a very important and always present figure in your life, every time you turn around you will probably see the rag doll following you or lying on the ground, ready to be stepped on if you step back without looking. The rag doll is truly a breed that loves […]

VISION-800 3D Glasses Review

There is a new, high-quality model of video glasses, VISION-800, which has decent technical characteristics, image or video quality, as well as a realistic image. It features the real physical 3D effect, hardly hurting users’ eyes. Also, you can store your favorite shows or videos in these glasses and watch them with the glasses while […]

Puerto Rico Tour

True, San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and statistically the largest city in the state, but does it have more to offer? It is tea center of nightlife and the most outstanding hotels in the region? Well that’s debatable and it varies between who you ask. There are other cities in Puerto Rico, […]

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