Month: June 2021

Why should you buy dogs online?

The burgeoning internet has opened up many avenues for pet lovers, dog owners in particular, to sell their adorable pets. The online pet store is indeed an interesting and versatile trend that is rapidly gaining popularity among different classes of people around the world. It’s not just dogs for sale that you can expect here, […]

Zillow vs. Chicago Real Estate Appraiser

I recently read a really cool blog post from an appraiser in Philadelphia titled “Zillow vs. The Coyle Group.” In the article, Michael Coyle looks at more than 20 of his most recent valuations and compares them to what Zillow says they are worth through his Zestimate. With sites like these that seem to be […]

Fear is not always your friend

Fear has evolved to serve as a device to help protect our survival. The fight or flight theory is to protect us. In adults, this mode of protection can become hypersensitive and turn into inhibitory and counterproductive actions. Most people don’t have to run away from the tiger hanging outside their front door. But sometimes […]

The instrumental music of rockabilly also played its part in rock and roll history.

One of the characteristics that people think of most often when they think of rockabilly music is the famous “hiccup” vocal styles. Elvis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, and many others used this technique to varying degrees when recording their fundamental rockabilly tracks. But rockabilly music wasn’t always about the vocals. Several great rockabilly instrumental themes […]

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